Don't Fall Prey to These 3 Myths About SEO

Because many people lack accurate information about how the search engines work, quite a few myths about SEO persist. What happens is that people have mistaken ideas and then repeat them to others, causing these myths to spread quickly. We will be looking at some of these myths in this article so you'll know better than to believe in them.

A very common yet peculiar SEO myth is that PPC ads will affect the performance of your site in the organic listings. The latter is a completely false assumption. A lot of people believe that they can affect the ranking of their site in the SERPs by running PPC ads. This is a mistaken concept because you need to remember that PPC and SERP rankings have little connection and no influence on one another. This is why it is a mistake to spend money on PPC based on the assumption that your site will rank better. Instead of this, you should focus more on increase your website's backlinks and bring in more quality content that will ensure that your site's rank keeps on increasing. The most effective way to pass judgment regarding this myth is by being practical. The next SEO myth to be aware of is that each page should only focus on optimizing one keyword. Many website owners are convinced that their pages should not target more than one keyword or phrase, but this is another erroneous belief. Website owners who use this technique believe that by making their pages highly focused, they will be ranked more highly by the search engines. However, if you write a page that is focused on only one keyword or phrase, you'll find that it's very hard to do without it becoming forced and artificial. A page like this is also a waste of bandwidth, as you could easily have put in more than one keyword. There is no good reason to devote a whole page to just one keyword when you could be using several related keywords as well. The more keyword phrases you have on your optimized page, the better it is. This is the way to optimize your site for more traffic. Traffic usually comes from a variety of different keywords, which you should investigate for your own site by looking at your web analytics. So it's better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.

It's also a myth that you need to frequently update your site, even though many people believe it greatly impacts your search engine rankings. Spiders will crawl your website more frequently if you are constantly updating it and adding fresh content but it will have little effect on the rank of your site. Thus, if your site does not require an update, don�t make a forced change simply for the search engines. It will have little effect on them. You will find that a lot of the popular niches have high ranking sites that haven�t been updated in a long while.

If you want to succeed with search engine optimization, you have to be ready to work at it for a while. You may get stuck in certain places, so don't be afraid to ask questions and do research so you can move forward. If you keep studying and applying your knowledge, you will be able to achieve better ranks for your sites, even if you make a few mistakes along the way.

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